Definition of cougar dating who is nascar driver tony stewart dating

01-Feb-2018 01:13

They are looking for an equal and as they have been unable to find it in men their own age, they look for younger men—or in some cases, just seem to attract younger men.Most cougars are incredibly driven women and as such, need someone with a lot of energy to keep up with them.The fact that he would cheat just to be with someone his own age again supposes that the relationship is not based on emotion, intellectual attraction, and connection, but on the shallow pretext of a sexual relationship which is just based on looks. If a cub cheats, it wouldn’t be because of the age, but because of something else that is wrong with the relationship and if that something else is wrong, it wouldn’t matter whether you and your cub were both the same age or not.While this can be said to be true for some cougar/cub relationships, those are usually some form of NSA relationships and if you stray while in one of those… There are a number of myths and misconceptions that get thrown around when discussing age discrepant relationships, but the reality is that the bond between cougars and cubs is quite often the same kind of bond that you may experience in similar aged relationships.A night on the town celebrating our very own Mimi's birthday, a male friend that was with us was approached by a noticeably older woman sitting at the bar.She asked our friend his age and made a comment "I'm going to be a 'cougar' with you".Which, I’m sure you’ll agree ladies, is pretty insulting, right?There is a basic misunderstanding when it comes to cougars and cubs where their relationship is seen as an untraditional relationship much in the way that homosexual relationships are still not accepted in some places or the way that interracial relationships were once talked about. Cougars are independent, bright, and beautiful women.

Misconceptions about cougars are rampant, with Urban Dictionary even breaking it down based on what they wear and the city you can find them, “waiting, watching, calculating; gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and strapping buck who happens to cross her path.” While some of them may enjoy bars, there is no need for them to chase after the younger men. Cougars are not looking for prey despite the lingo which is so commonly used.

While sexual attraction is definitely part of the cougar and cub relationship, there are many factors that can go into the relationship.

To say that this type of relationship is only based on surface attraction, and that it’s the only thing that’s keeping either of them there, is insulting to both parties.

This one is downright silly because it isn’t something this is exclusive to age gap relationships.

In fact there are many relationships between people of the same age where one partner could be restricted by the other partner while they “figure it out.” Dating an older man does not guarantee that they will be successful and established.Since he's a man that pays zero attention to these terms used on shows like 'Entertainment Tonight' and magazines such as Vogue or Marie Claire, with a curious face he tells me what she says.

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