Dating guitars by pot codes

05-Nov-2017 18:06

Of course if the signature turns out to be fake it even more substantially hurts the instrument's value.A celebrity signing a vintage instrument hurts the value of a vintage instrument as a general rule. Would an authentic 1968 Gibson flattop signed by either Elvis or John Lennon be worth more or less than an unsigned one? However, I've seen a few basses signed by little known and sometimes unidentifiable people which is a huge value mark off.I call the sale price "actual final value." This actual final value percentage fluctuates based on several factors including location, the state of the vintage instrument market and the overall state of the economy.

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Vintage instruments are again beginning to sell and the actual sale prices are starting to rise again.

The input field for your serial is near the bottom of the page.- You might or might not ever find out what year your Yamaha was made.

Apparently Yamaha serials are the most difficult to pinpoint. Yamaha serials are even more convoluted than the Squier or Ibanez serial schemes.

The following sites will help identify your color: - Gruhn Guitars of Nashville operates one of the most reputable, highly regarded and knowledgeable guitar appraisal services.

An appraisal of a vintage collectible instrument by a recognized authority is indispensable should you ever need to file an insurance claim on the instrument.My advice is not to buy a celebrity signed anything, vintage or otherwise, without authentication that the autograph is in fact genuine or proof that it is the artist's signature.

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