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These isolated landmasses were later welded onto the margins of Pangea, forming accreted terranes.Evidence of sea-level rise and fall is well displayed in Permian strata.Lowstands are also recorded at various times within the Late Permian (Lopingian) Epoch and at the terminus of the Permian Period.Extended global withdrawal of seas from continental shelves and platforms led to significant unconformities (gaps in the geologic record) and to extensive evolutionary turnovers (events of species diversification and extinction) in shallow marine faunas at the family and superfamily levels.Terrestrial plants broadly diversified during the Permian Period, and insects evolved rapidly as they followed the plants into new habitats.In addition, several important reptile lineages first appeared during this period, including those that eventually gave rise to mammals in the Mesozoic Era.

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Some beds dated from the latest Permian ages are renowned for their fossils; strata (rock layers) in the Russian Platform contain a remarkable vertebrate faunal assemblage as well as fossil insects and plants.Permian Period, in geologic time, the last period of the Paleozoic Era.