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31-Aug-2017 04:08

She’s getting down to the core of who she is and what matters most to her.” On kissing: Source 3.

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The reason being his admiration in the past to their own iconic diva singer, Umm Kulthum.She has to deal with that and figure out her own ways to be happy.I think that’s really important and something that everyone goes through. Ana talked about how it’s hard to know who you really are sometimes, saying, “Even with my character Zoe, her issue is pretty universal, because she’s just struggling with not knowing who she is.I think that’s something that makes it a lot more heart-breaking when you see these issues being tackled.

For example, in they’re all like, 30-years-old and playing high school students. I’m seventeen and I think that that definitely is a reason why people are attracted to the show and it makes it that much more hard-hitting.” 12.

You’ve obviously got to watch it, but before you do, here’s everything they have to say about Degrassi’s new season, plus some real-life advice on dating, kissing, surviving high school, and more: What you’ll be able to relate to on this season of that sad, but you can’t seem to get yourself out of the funk? She said, “I think [viewers will relate to] my character’s plot.