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that's the way it looks rightokt now for those coming to town or anyone who is going to begoio out for inauguration annieratioa this could be a really mild mi one coming up on friday.friday. it's my commitment to socialcomo justice, to freedom, to stand sn up for people that can't standtn up for reporter: we reached out to the other branches of therane military them continue toontinu follow the department ofpartment defense guidelines regarding religious accommodation.c handling requests on a case-by-case caitlin is going to be upng to u after this break to tell to usol how this weekend is we're due for a wintry mix at m least for the first part. she'll tell you how you'll beell impacted this weekend.e we'll be right back. cold air gets stuck at theat h surface meaning ouring our temperatures aren't going the h rise much from where we areuch e right low pressure towards our south h is pretty weak but it's enough to bring in that mix of rain snow and sleet and that'sleet as battling with the cold air butru with temperatures justratures st slightly above, you know what kt wins out is actually going to g be the low pressure trying to to force in some warmer air. th reporter: well, annie, a that's we have not seen a lot ofn a lo action in the way of rain or snow or sleet or anything else y but i'll tell you the action we are seeing is here at the van dorn maintenance center ofmn v do. lo they're also working on making brine right now.e r we've seen trucks coming and and going deploying from thisg fr center and then last night i'm ' told these white tanker truckser they filled up with brine andwin pretreated the roads, actuallycy since thursday but i want to talk to my friend, john mewsohn here with wh john why don't you tell us s exactly what is happening thispi morning near fairfax county. fox futurecast showing the snow most likely again ag northern maryland along that tht pennsylvania border and thatandt will continue through about abo the noon hour where you couldred get about an inch of snow but bt again it will be tough toghto stick to the warm warm mix to rain showers here iners n washington.shington. it breaks down the nation'sak health state by state. your time is 8 o'clock on theo o dot on this saturday january 14th 2017here's a linuve look outside and what you're waking up to. it looks pretty gray out therete but we've got some promisingrom aws ahead. probably justy jus rain showers but we'rew concerned about roade conditions up towardsncne our ur north where they'll be moreore likely to see sleet andsee slee freezing rain, snow evennow ev throughout the morning.ughout tr it's going to be

well, this morning we're --we i think by -- hopefully we're we just dealing with hot spots on n bridges and other cold areas,ar, any type of treatment for icing but pretty much i think the majority of the storm str reporter: now, i've seen, i'e a lot of pieces of equipmentf en not only pulling in and out ofaf this station but just on thehe side of the roads. maybe not in thisti weather but if you're in a a time crunch you may be bravingvg the slush and looking next at tips from a real estate agent who works at washington fine f maybe he'll help you find your r dream home. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. that fades away by this evening and we're left justes at cloudy and j uscoltd. sunny and cool 48 tomorrow but8o not a bad tamar kings day still cool 42 degrees and then n here is the significant warmupap that as we get into climatologically the coldestcall time of the year it's nothings g but that. joining us to talk more about this is irenes doalthus to myel wellness director at united unid healthcare of the good morning. it's a mixed we have good news and bad news i always like to stardt with stt the good news.n we have problems of obesity inet the district so our residy entss are less obese than the restb of theese we have high access to primaryra care physicians which issicianss excellent. good morning thanks for wakingai up with us i'm annie yu.' and i'm caitlin roth. yes, it is a grayorni chilly sts to our saturday.turday. here's our live look outsideoute right now traffic moving moving smoothly on the beltway at at least that section we'reth sect' looking at in i guess guss maryland.

you can see though the realffe cold air once you gseete th ouut new york, 28, 19 boston, 16 binghamton, 29 pittsburgh sotsbo that's where precipitationhere i falls. s freezing rain is a possibilitysy towards our if that precipitation doesn't get into baltimore ford anotherr hour or zoo two ando temperature continues to drop,ct that's where they could seere te some freezing rain. it found the departmentesnd thet engaged in serious civil cil rights violations includingin racial bias and a tendency to use excessive force. the investigation was launchedna in 2015 after the release ofseof dashcam video showing anwing an officer shooting a black teenacn laquan mcdonald 16 times. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. r let's zoom in closer insideinide the beltway where a lot of a this showing up as snow butow ut what's actually falling may beae a little bit might be just rai temperatures are well above freezing and any snow thatthat falls will be most likely lkely outside the beltway towardsway d our north up into montgomeryo me county as you get closer to i-70. here's what's local radar isada showinri this is all pretty light butht t this precipitation is with uspii all morning and into theon i midafternoon as low pressurepr rolls around just towards our south.

rai but fox fut that area of snow sleet, eventually transitioning overtig to rain. this is where you have your your best chance for she was in fall along thatnce f i-70 corrir northward towardsd toward pennsylvania. the national action network ists sponsoring the big event ahead a of the holiday that falls on monday.monday. coming up, the military isrys changing as the times find out harelips values are hoe are impacting how the militaryry looks. the city signed a agreementagr with the feds to monitor theto e department going forward.orard all new this morning, excuse me,m it's military issue. now back in eisenhower's daysenw it was an easy call but not so o much right now.. ..friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. interestingly enough along theo 81 corridor just in the e extreme western maryland and down into west virginia anwdestw of the i-81 corridor look at that. let's stop the frame and zoomam in on the district.trict. however, this could be ahis coue little bit higher up above thete ground and that's just rain by i the time it gets closer to our r 37-degree railroadless it's been so mild d the cement, the pavement, the roadways they're not cold cold enough for anything to stickstik if snow does fall around thehe beltway.

ol malone is a long time staff ofif congressman elijah cummings cum and officials are looking intoio whether a space heater maya have been a ca suse.n a c jeh johnson says he knows of no specific threat to thishis week's but just in case law law enforcement personnel haversonne been getting ready for trouble. capitol buildingtoln and take the oath of officefce becoming the 45th president ofhe the united officials are expecting acials e crowd of ctseven to 900,000.9 there are no known specifico threats but like pastats but ast inaugurations, it has beent hasn designated a national specialspl security event putting the the secret service in charge off security.

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the children who died in theied fire ranged in age from nine fre months to 11 years old. ss than a a: in le week president-elect donaldes trump will stand at the footd of the u.s.30 the brine that you hadhe brine mentioned ear tlier,ha it's aboa 25,000 gallons so we're ready.'r reporter: thanks so much. snow sleet up to an inch as an s you get north of baltimorebalmoe over towards hagerstown.hagewn. so, that's excellent becausebe we have good access toess t physicians and a lot of of residents that are insured. so, we saw about a 61 percentpet increase across the districtdis in drug deaths we're seeingdeate that nationwide just not as as rapidly and an increase in cardiovascular dea little bit of ane bit of an improvement in some impr that's dropped probably abouovtu 20 percent when you look atcent the popu wlation but under thene national average so there'so t always a mixed message here. what we say to our united unied healthcare families is use the resources that your benefits thf give to you, use that 24 hourha nurse 39 understand more about your chronic physician, talkciat to that disease managementse mag nurse that's there to help you' understand why you're taking' that medication and encourage en your children to stay intay in school because we see a significant -- there is a connection between the education level and healthhelth status. association it might be cold ld enough aloft for snow but it's s just rain showers making it togo the ground where temperatures wt are well above freemezing.peree. look at that purple fromfr hagerstown through frederickredc almost touching montgomeryouch county as well as back across as the 81 corridor towardswads martinsburg so that's some freezing rain mixing with h snow aloft or some fallingfallig snow.