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30-Nov-2017 23:08

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Let me tell you , the sex got sexier and crazier every night.My wifes pussy was even more wet than its been and she was turned on and it really turned me on! So over the course of that month i brought up the million dollar question.So i started looking on videos on swinging , cuckold, sharing wifes, and threesomes. So little by little i started to bring up bits and pieces of what i wanted to my wife thru text messages and fantasy talk in bed.I want to say that at some point she got the picture lol .

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Then she switched positions with him and laid on her back and grabbed his head and pushed it down to her pussy. Then my wife called me over and started giving me head while getting her pussy eaten out.So then i started to think with who can i trust enough to go on this sexual adventure with. So then the only hard part was getting my wife to agree and approve.