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01-Jan-2018 02:59

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I'd like to tell you about a fantastic change that has occurred between my wife and I in our sex life over the last six months.

My wife is Wendy and I am Tony and we have been very happily married for 18 years.

I have always joked with Wendy that it is a shame she does not use her body to greater advantage as at 5 foot 10 and a slim ash blond I think she is stunning.

She of course can't see that and like most women always see the things she would like to change.

She could sense that I was holding something back and kept pressuring me to tell her what it was.

I had been out drinking with my mate Ray and we were discussing sex (as normal) when in drunken fit of honesty Ray said that he would love to get between Wendy's long legs and fuck her silly.

As his wife at the time was a petite redhead with a fantastic body I hadn't considered that Wendy would have been his type.

Our long distance sex took on a whole new life as Wendy would perform stripteases for me and use her toys on herself.

I would sometimes tell her that I was expecting some girl or other from whichever office I was visiting and that I had invited her up to my room for a drink.

Wendy's cunt was almost squirting and I could feel it running down between our bodies. We talked about why it turned me on so much and I had to admit that I am not sure why it does. Wendy admitted that sometimes she did wonder what it would feel like to have another man see her naked or caress, feel, suck and fuck her whilst I watched.