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At any rate, after Æthelberht's death, in February , Rædwald became overlord of “all the southern provinces” – the fourth listed by Bede (and consequently the fourth Bretwalda listed by the ‘Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’).

Indeed, though the meaning of Bede's phraseology is, untypically, not clear, it could be that Rædwald had already achieved independence for East Anglia before Æthelberht's death: “the fourth was Rædwald, king of the East Angles, who, even in the life-time of Æthelberht, had been acquiring the leadership for his own race.” (‘HE’ II, 5).

East Anglia – the kingdom of the East Angles – enjoyed a brief period of supremacy, under Rædwald, at the beginning of the 7th century.

At the end of the 8th century East Anglia was under Mercian control, but, in the aftermath of a resounding West Saxon victory over Mercia in 825, the East Angles recovered their independence.

For I know of a surety who you are, and why you grieve, and the evils which you fear will soon fall upon you.

But tell me, what reward you would give the man who should deliver you out of these troubles, and persuade Rædwald neither to do you any harm himself, nor to deliver you up to be murdered by your enemies.” Edwin replied, that he would give such an one all that he could in return for so great a benefit.

In late 869, however, following their killing of King Edmund, the Vikings became the masters of East Anglia.

The last Viking king of East Anglia was killed in 917, as Edward the Elder, king of Wessex, fought to reclaim England from the Scandinavian interlopers.

It was Rædwald's renunciation of Christianity which prompted Bede to call him “noble by birth, though ignoble in his actions”.There were many treasures loaded there, adornments from distant lands; I have never heard of a more lovely ship bedecked with battle-weapons and war-gear, blades and byrnies; in its bosom lay many treasures, which were to travel far with him into the keeping of the flood.of the vessel (which was about 89 feet long by 14 feet beam) had been left in the sandy soil (incidentally, there was no evidence of a mast).578, he says: “At this period, Wuffa, king of the East Angles ...

was succeeded by Tytil his son, who was the father of Rædwald, the tenth from Woden.” The source of these dates is not known – they may be no more than educated guesses. Bede (‘HE’ II, 15): “King Rædwald was noble by birth, though ignoble in his actions, being the son of Tytil, whose father was Wuffa, from whom the kings of the East Angles are called Wuffingas.” During the earlier part of his reign, though, Æthelberht – who was the first Anglo-Saxon king to adopt Christianity, having received the mission of Augustine in 597 – ruled Kent.There weren't any skeletal remains in the central burial chamber, but soil analysis suggests that there once was a body.

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