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This can be prone to What an Idiot moments on the part of the owner of the intellectual property in question, since if it's that profitable, it makes sense to license the work rather than shut it down, unless of course the artist is Doing It for the Art.

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The Other Wiki refers to this as the tragedy of the anticommons, where the existence of competing rights holders — not just in copyright, but also in patent law, Where it's a very serious problem, since technology is iterative; many companies are highly annoyed by the "patent thicket" keeping them from developing new software and (especially) new smartphones, since so much is patented and they can't build on current without stepping on a patent or two or two hundred.Type of Museum: Military Museum Country: Bedfordshire, England Owned / Operated by: USAF 306th Bombardment Group Address: Bedford Technology Park, Bedford MK44 1QU Housed in one of the original WWII airfield buildings, the museum relates the history of the airfield as it was during the war years.Displaying a collection of artefacts from the Second World War, it is exhibited in such a way as to re-create the sights, sounds and atmosphere of those times.Type of Museum: Local Museum Country: Oxfordshire, England Owned / Operated by: Abingdon Museum Friends Address: Market Place, Abingdon OX14 3HG Set in the former courtroom of the Berkshire Assizes, this local history museum re-opened in 2012 after an extensive restoration project.

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The museum’s permanent exhibitions include some of Abingdon’s most important and historically significant artefacts, including the 16th century Monk’s Map, a replica of the Anglo-Saxon Abingdon Sword, and one of the last MGB roadsters produced at the nearby MG factory. Type of Museum: Industrial Museum Country: Shropshire, England Owned / Operated by: Shropshire Council Address: Acton Scott, near Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6QQ One of Britain’s leading working farm museums, Acton Scott Historic Working Farm specialises in practical demonstrations of historic farming using traditional skills and period horse-drawn machines.The large collection of exhibits cover shipbuilding, fast sailing ships, fishing and the history of the port.